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CBD Bath Bomb - Vanilla Jasmine


Handcrafted Bath bomb - 50MG | 7oz | 5 Scents Available


Delight and indulge in your next bath with our CBD infused bath bombs. Each one is infused with pure aromatherapeutic essential oils to soothe your skin and calm the mind. Our products contain zero artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances that wont cause skin irritation. Our bath bombs are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. This product also contains a highly effective sulfate called magnesium which relieves muscle soreness, sprains, and bruises. Other benefits come from our product such as:


  • Good for replenishing hair
  • Biodegradable and healthy for the environment
  • Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Restores natural complexion and removes all signs of skin darkening
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