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From Our Family to Yours

Safe, high-quality CBD products for all your pain relief needs

Blue Mist CBD was founded with one simple goal: safe, effective, and accessible pain relief for the whole family. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and carefully tested to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the full benefits of CBD. 

Our Story -A Labor Of Love

Our commitment to family-friendly CBD products isn’t an afterthought. In fact, it’s at the very core of our business. In 2018, our founder, Erika Perez, noticed the multitude of side effects her grandmother’s pain medications were causing. Erika knew there had to be a better way. Her search for all-natural pain remedies led her to CBD, but the sky-high prices and limited availability of existing brands left her frustrated. So, Erika took matters into her own hands. 

Using her background in medical engineering, Erika formulated a CBD lotion her grandmother could apply to her sore joints and swollen ankles. The effect was nearly immediate, and Erika began exploring other ways that CBD could be incorporated into everyday products to help others care for themselves and their loved ones too. Within a year, she had combined the healing properties of essential oils with the powerful benefits of CBD to create an entire range of highly effective, affordable, and holistic pain relief products. 

Our Mission 

To make healing and pain relief easy, safe, and affordable for families everywhere through the incredible natural properties of CBD.

Our Vision 

To help families everywhere trade chemical-laden and ineffective personal care products for high-quality CBD-infused products that support their health and wellness.

Why Join the Blue Mist CBD Family?

When you shop with Blue Mist CBD, you don’t just purchase a product. Choosing us means choosing…

  • Excellence: We pick only the best ingredients and test every formula to ensure the highest quality before any product makes it to our shelves. Our rule is simple: if we wouldn’t give it to our loved ones, we won’t sell it to you.

  • Wellness: Your wellbeing will always be our #1 priority, and every product we create is formulated with your health and healing in mind. We never use unsafe chemicals, and our CBD isolate is 100% THC-free, so you get nothing but relief. 


  • Variety: Whether you enjoy edible, topical, or aromatic treatments, or a diverse line of CBD products is sure to have something for you. And with our seven signature scents and three fruity flavors, you can perfectly customize your CBD experience to your tastes. 


  • Performance: Our edibles are delicious, and our topical treatments smell amazing, but that doesn’t mean we’ve cut corners on potency. Blue Mist CBD products are effective at relieving joint and muscle pain, inflammation, nerve pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more. 

Join the Blue Mist CBD Family, and experience the healing touch of nature’s finest pain remedy. Not sure CBD is right for you and your family? Learn more here 

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About Us

Going Back To Our Roots

Our founder created the very first Blue Mist product to soothe her grandmother’s arthritis pain, so you can trust that our products are made with the love and attention you and your family deserve.

At Blue Mist CBD, we know that pain and discomfort are hard to deal with. We’ve made it our mission to make relief easy. From gummies and tinctures to healing lotions and massage oils, we’ve created a full line of CBD-infused products to support your physical and mental wellbeing, the natural way.

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