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Broad Spectrum Soft Gels 750mg

Broad Spectrum Soft Gels 750mg


Broad Spectrum Soft Gels - 750MG | Contains 30 Soft gels in each jar



Blue Mist CBD capsules are portable, quick and easy for on the go! Our pure Blue Mist CBD Broad Spectrum Soft Gels are packed with high quality CBD formulated with over 99% CBD isolate. A single bottle contains 30 capsules which can be taken in the morning or at night for easy relaxation. This is also a great way to help receive immediate relief for sore muscles after a long workout session. Please also note: this product does NOT alter your thinking as there is NO THC in this product. Looking to quit smoking? Perfect! A recent study shows many positive effects of CBD soft gels in quitting smoking. It also shows that more than 42% percent of 700 people stopped smoking after consuming CBD soft gels.



● The perfect alternative to tinctures
● No flavors and sweeteners

● Helps to quit smoking
● Easy to swallow - no aftertaste
● No chemicals or solvents
● Discreet and effective


All of our products are lab tested in a controlled environment. Our quality is superior, our taste is excellent and our CBD products heals like no other.



750mg CBD Broad Spectrum Soft gels

25mg per Soft gel

30 soft gels

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