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Pet Tincture 1000mg

Pet Tincture 1000mg


Pet Friendly Tincture | Original flavor | 1 oz. bottle


There are many benefits that come from using our CBD infused tincture for your pets. Our product contains medium chain triglycerides that help with your pet’s cholesterol and boosting their energy while promoting better brain and memory function. Our pet CBD tincture contains pure CBD isolate which leading brands lack, this helps with your pet’s inflammation, relieves their pain, and their anxiety. The best part is that our pet tincture is that it contains zero psychoactive compounds so you can have peace of mind when introducing our tincture to your pet every day routine. Does your pet suffer from seizures? Our Pet Tincture can help reduce the neuron excitability by acting on two groups of receptors called GPR55 and TRPV1 which eases seizures and unhealthy brain activity.


· Treats pain

· Non-psychoactive

· Reduces anxiety

· Helps with pet Seizures

· Takes away muscle spasms

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